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Hedvig Olsen

Elisabeth, a young Scandinavian, emigrates to Scotland and sets out to qualify as an architect. Her struggle to establish herself in a relentlessly male-dominated profession will strike a chord with many women readers. But she triumphs in the end, winning recognition both professionally and as a woman, as well as achieving more understanding of the maternal origins of her feminine trials. Sexually explicit illustrated novel.

Paperback £10


Mohammed Benouarrek

The Journey is the story of a young Moroccan, son of a single mother, dreaming of relationships, and trying to discover a way of supporting himself. Blocked by poverty and a moral code which does not distinguish between ignorance and innocence, he conceives a fatal dream of going to another country to make a better life.

It gives a picture of young manhood in Islamic society, of a kind we have also experienced from Orhan Pamuk. Simple and deeply moving, it offers a valuable insight into a culture both near and far from our own: at once innocent and neo-conservative, hopeful and without help. With increasing mobility of population and ever-closer economic ties, this is an understanding we urgently need.

Mohammed Benouarrek's first novel has a wonderful freshness interwoven with compelling reality.

Paperback £10

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Third Eye publishes books that make you see things differently.

New perspectives, perceiving life from other viewpoints. Our first is JUSTIN AVENEER, a dazzling inverted pastiche of De Sade set in a world where women treat men as work objects in all the ways that, historically, men have treated women as sex objects.

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